At St Margarets Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of treatments including, physiotherapy, podiatry, sports rehab, massage, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, and cupping, as well as classes in physio-led Pilates, ab-lates, core strength and yoga. Our specialists will endeavour to help injured and impaired patients, of all ages and varying states of pain and inactivity, back to comfort and wellness. We provide a drug-free, holistic approach to healthcare, which enables our clients to regain their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

All of our practitioners have been carefully selected. They all have diverse experiences in their chosen fields and have been employed in a range of settings, including the NHS, private practices, and within the community. They have a wide knowledge and understanding of a variety of conditions, and will implement treatment programmes tailored to individual needs.

We provide services and classes to the general public in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

St Margarets Physio
St Margarets Physio

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