Our Podiatrist, Mrs Baljit Brar, has built her reputation, knowledge and skills over 23 years, working for the NHS and the private sector.  She provides high quality care, tailored specifically for your needs.

St Margarets Podiatry is set in a modern, relaxing environment. All equipment is sterilized to 134 degrees, to ensure there is no cross-infection.

Services provided


Each new patient will receive an expert consultation to determine their podiatric need. Treatments will be carried out on the day. Baljit ends the consultation with after care advise to ensure customers remain comfortable for longer.

Follow-up appointments

These can be arranged before customers leave. Rebooking allows you to maintain healthy feet for the future.

Verrucae Consultation

Cryotherapy (freezing) and chemicals are used to fight the Verruca virus. There is heavy emphasis on self-care between visits. This HPV virus is particularly stubborn, it can take 3-8 sessions to resolve, depending on its severity and duration on the foot.

Nail Surgery Consultation

This appointment will determine if nail surgery is the best option and if the patient is a suitable candidate for the anaesthetic and procedure.

Nail Surgery Procedure

After   the   consultation, a date for the procedure will be arranged allowing time for the patient to make arrangements for a couple of days off work. Local anaesthetic is administered, procedure is carried out and dressings are provided, with a compulsory follow-up appointment (4 @ £25.00 each).

Liaising with GPs

Any referrals to other professionals, i.e. Podiatric Surgeon, NHS MSK or NHS Nail Surgery, can be requested via a GP letter. If you have moderate to severe fungal nails, then a letter to your GP requesting prescription anti-fungal can be provided.

Other aliments treated by the Podiatrist:

  • General nail cutting
  • Problematic nail   conditions   –   thick   nails, loose   nails, fungal   nails, damaged   nails, painful   nails
  • Bruised and/or blistered nails.
  • Corns/callus (hard skin) – soft corns between the toes
  • Cracked heels
  • Bespoke silicon pads for painful deformed toes
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Dry / flakey skin
  • Athletes foot
  • Padding for redistribution
  • Simple insoles/orthotics


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