Injury and Bio-Mechanical Assessment

Injury and Bio-Mechanical assessments are carried out in the initial session, which lasts between 45-60 mins. The Initial consultation will consist of a detailed injury and exercise history as well as a hands-on diagnostic assessment. This time will be used to identify the key issues that may be inhibiting activity and having an impact on daily life. Assessing movement and bio mechanics will give the information needed to improve functions that are carried out regularly. This will help prevent injury recurrence. Overall, through goal driven aims and identification of movement faults, client can become pain free and remain that way.

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Rehabilitation is essential in the treatment pathway. From the first session you will be prescribed bespoke exercises, vital to improving your overall health and designed to optimise the healing process. Your clinician will tailor the programme and monitor progress during treatment. Many people suffer from re-occurring injuries, such as hamstring tears and lower back problems. Using bio-mechanical assessment in conjunction with a course of rehabilitation, your clinician can identify weaknesses and stresses which are impacting your daily life, and correct them.

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